Thursday, January 29, 2004

Still alone

I had thought that I might have found a comrade when I found The Theoscope, a blog by a woman preparing for the religious life. Unfortunately not only does she have a quote of the pope at the top but even a rather triumphal picture of him. In a post she even makes fun of communities with a "more enlightened mindset." She speaks negatively of those like use who have eschewed the habit, as if the habit has helped anyone toward inclusiveness or impacted their worship-spaces positively.

These conservative Catholic women bloggers makes me wonder about the difference between narrativity and sexual identity.

I must continue in this sphere of influence to positively create change in the mindset of this blog-community. Please pray that they may re-imagine a world of a more ecological and justice inclinded nature.

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

First Entry

Hi I am Sister Mary Biko and this is my first entry into the world of the electronic parish. In my research on the existence of Catholics participating in the community of amateur writers in what is known collectively as the blogosphere, I have found some surprising results. The term blog is a shortening of the term web log and is the main term employed for these electronic diaries or what is also known as personal publishing. In the dialectic of language employed by self-identified Catholics I found a common element of pre-Vatican II church idealism. I had no idea that people such as these still existed.

I belong to an order of sisters called The Sisters of Divine Progressiveness. God is Progress. The history of the world from the first word God spoke to now is the progress of inventive community imaging their future. I live in a vibrant faith community of forty-five sister between the ages of fifty and eighty-five, which is more vibrant now that most members have left for the secular world or have fallen into the trap of regressive traditionalism.

Being among so many that thought correctly as I do, I was unprepared for this entity known as St. Blogs. The dominance of conservative and male hierarchal dominated thought was a paradigm and mirror of ages past. This is to be expected of Neanderthal males longing for an age of male power, but surprisingly this trend exists also in blogs by women. These women seem outwardly intelligent yet they proudly identify themselves as stay-at-home mothers. Even the professionals among them seem to parrot the most mindless of submissiveness to the Vatican. Sarcasm is not a family value.

I realized that this was a teaching moment and that God was calling me into the world to show his light. The conservative point of view of these blogs was oppressive and I could hardly breathe as I found that almost all of them taught an alien theology that was antithetical to the theology that had so warmed our faith community.

I used an internet search engine tool known as Google to confirm my suspicions. Very rarely were the phrases ecological stewardship or social justice used. This reminded me of one of the Psalms.

Too long have I had my dwelling
among those who hate peace.
I am for peace;
but when I speak,
they are for war!

I will try to add the voice of enlightenment and reason to this virtual parish community.