Friday, February 20, 2004


Unfortunately the prospective postulant did not turn out to be at all what we hoped. The interview went badly.

It started out with her making the statement "I am loyal to the Magisterium of the Church" as if she expected that we would want her to even say such a thing. We let this go by at first as possible interview jitters. Later she said that she looked forward to long hours of prayer in front of abortion clinics. We told her that she must be mistaken. She obviously must have meant in front of military bases or at the locus-of-evil the US Army School of Americas (SOA). She did not even seem to be enthused at the idea of throwing her own blood on missiles at a silo.

Quite a disappointment. We tried to disabuse her of her errors and lack of prudence in the selection of topics for religious idealism. She seemed suffer from a need to have her desires for order and authority activated by a hierarchical Church and the belief an unalterable moral truths. She was very firm in these errors and surprisingly we were not able to affirm her but had to send her packing. Very traumatic for our faith community.

I am tempted to ask God why he has not sent us vocations. That he has continues to make pre-Vatican II style communities grow but us who truly understand God he has sent naught. Is this our trial in the wilderness. Have we not been affirming to the degree that we should have. Have we not praised God in our annual Earth Day Masses to a competent degree? Have we not strived for social justice and nurturing relationships to the exclusion of any reward? We must have been found lacking, but we will not despair and trust more in Gods' will.

We have displayed ourselves as the very modern of communities. Our philosophy could not cause any disagreement among the campuses or the philosophy department. Our web sites show us as the caring community we are. So if we do not receive any vocations it surely couldn't be anything we are doing. God must be testing our obedience to his progressive way. To see if we might not affirm him in the end if we did not persevere.

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Great News

Our faith community surprisingly has suffered from a dearth of vocations to the religious life. Our Christianity should not be offensive to anybody of the modern persuasion. We are life-affirming to all and are not judgmental on anything they might done previously to entering our order. Even a previous tendency toward conservatism and old-church modal thinking could receive a dispensation from us if it was truly no longer affirmed.

Today we received a letter from somebody desiring to "Come and see" our faith community. This is great news though the novice-master has long since died. It has been so long that we have not even come up with a new term to replace the ancient terminology of novice-master. I might suggest novice-affirmer at the next chapter to replace this outdated term.

We are all waiting in joyful anticipation for the arrival of this prospective new member of our faith community.

Saturday, February 14, 2004


Some have emailed me asking why I do not have comments on my site.

There are various reasons for this being the case. For one thing I don't like the judgmental and non-affirming saint logo-type that appears in the name of the dominant commenting software Halo-Scan. What about commenter's that don't have a positive halo-image of themselves?

Second, I have a Type 9 Enneagram personality "The Peacemaker" Commenter's of other Enneagram personality types might not be as receptive and affirming of my belief and faith system.

Third, I have multiple PhDs and most of my commenter's do not. Those that also have multiple PhDs will only affirm my conclusions and might upset my humility balance. So it is better that I do not have comments.

Friday, February 06, 2004

Words to reflect

I found these thought provoking words by Sister Rita Larivee of the National Catholic Reporter.

Second-tier thinking must move us from relativism to holism, from pluralism to integralism. Differences and pluralities must be integrated into interdependent and natural flows. Egalitarianism must be complemented with natural degrees of ranking and excellence. Knowledge and competency must exceed power and status. A new spirituality must emerge that integrates within itself the "meshwork" of all of existence.

These words really nuance the reflective view of my self-paradigm and are very soul nurturing. These thoughts are really what was intended for religious life actuation.