Thursday, May 20, 2004

Let them have it sister!

Sometimes I force myself to read blogs from those conservative minded Catholics. We are all so welcoming here in our worship space that it is easy to forget about those paleo-Catholics. It is good to be reminded that all has not changed to the good from the Spirit of Vatican II. That if we are not careful we could slip back into the unenlightened dark ages. On one of those conservative Catholic news blogs I ran across this comment.

Regarding the recent actions of Bishop Michael J. Sheridan of Colorado Springs, I have one question that, try as I may, I can’t seem to answer?

Where does the Pope find these guys?

Sheridan’s actions boogle the mind and surely must test the faith of his 120,000 church members much more than they do mine, but I have to tell you, it is getting a little scary out here.

What are we to expect next?

The rack?

Fingernails being pulled out?

Wholesale burnings at the stake?

I would like to ask Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick of Washington, one of the few voices of reason to expound on this subject lately, how Sheridan will be able to tell the sheep from the goats when they present themselves at the communion rail?

Will they have halos and horns, respectively?

It appears that the bishops’ idea of their June meeting being one of prayerful reflection and retreat is quickly evaporating.

Must be all that fire and brimstone.

To save themselves from utter perdition, I recommend that Bishop Wilton Gregory, as president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, issue a gag order, effective immediately, in the name of the entire membership of the USCCB, to be binding under pain of mortal sin - dare we mention excommunication - until the bishops’ meeting is called to order in Denver on June 14.

Here, here!

Sister M. Immaculata Dunn

Unfortunately her email was not listed so I could not thank her for such an inspired comment. What a scary thought of bishop's actually expecting their form of male-hierarchical orthodoxy among the faithful. That they would deny communion to people who believe in the woman's right to choose. Our Church has finally started to open up and be more inclusive and these Bishops would spoil our party.

Here is the Bishop's letter. He dares to steal our word "affirm" and then uses it to praise other bishops who would deny Communion to those of us who are the real faithful.

Sunday, May 02, 2004

Setting us back

This story about Sister Maximillian is just so sad. We have worked so hard to dispatch the habit and to be able to wear clothes to blend into normal society. To walk down the street without people fussing over you or having any kinds of expectations for your behavior. Our strategy to blend into the world has worked so well that many nuns left those confining convents and became part of the secular world.

"It’s a privilege to wear it, really," says the sister of her vestments. "You wear it and you say so much, without saying anything."

What absurd nonsense. In the 1960s we reformed religious life and religious clothing. Since then neither theology or clothing have been confining. How will she ever be a serious runner in that outfit. What if her feet get tangled up in that rosary. That veil certainly can't be aerodynamic. A Nike sports bra and a pair of shorts would be much better. If you want to be more traditional, well you can pin some reminder from your religious order on it.