Saturday, June 12, 2004

Welcoming Canada

I found this article here and while they tried to paint this in a negative light, I saw it as nothing but positive.

The Canadian Religious Conference (CRC), the organization that oversees and directs orders of nuns and brothers in Canada, has released its annual list of priorities for 2004.

...The list includes two general goals to which the organization "recommits" itself: "To speak with a common voice on social and ecclesial issues of justice, peace and the integrity of Creation at the regional, national and international levels; to provide support and formation for leaders of religious congregations and to facilitate communication among them."

...The second set of priorities included speaking out, in conjunction with other organizations of religious "against violence of all kinds, especially the trafficking in women and children."

I would much rather here about the integrity of Creation than those whiners who always complain about women's choice issues.

Here is an example of the type of whining I am talking about.

...Hilary White, a Catholic writer and researcher living in Toronto said that she tried for years to find a faithful Catholic religious women's community. "There are only a very small number of religious orders in this country that could be called recognizably Catholic. A good litmus test is whether they are interested in pro-life activities and very few of them are anything but openly hostile. Most of today's nuns' interpretation of social justice means supporting the pro-abortion March for Women. I've heard it from their own mouths that they wouldn't discourage a woman from having an abortion, that that wouldn't be the 'Christian' thing to do."

Fr. Jim Whalen of Priests for Life Canada said "There really isn't the kind of support that we wish. Some individual sisters are doing pro-life work but are not often supported by their communities. It's a bad situation that isn't being addressed in the Canadian Church."

Get use to it. The Church is progressing beyond the state o moral edicts to be accepted by all but instead to a warm community embrace that affirms an individual conscience and does not try to hijack it. Of course if your conscience does not affirm a women's right to choose than you should do some deeper thinking.